Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Boring Blog today, folks.

Song lyrics that have been meaningful to me lately:

"I wanna dance the tango with chance and I wanna ride on the wire, cause nothin gets done with dust in your gun and nobody respects a goodbye for while I'm off to explore every boundary and every door...I'm goin' north." -Missy Higgins

" the best thing that I can give to you is for you to go and leave me've got growin up to do..." -Joshua Radin

"...starin' down the stars, jealous of the moon and you wish you could fly, but you stay where you are like there's nothing you can do if you're too scared to try..." -Nickle Creek

All very bold. All, in some way, made a bit of an impact on me. All are quite nice to listen to as well.

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
Read a book. Brilliant Idea.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sweet babies and the words that they say...

One of my recent undertakings has been a wildlife mural in the home of some family-friends. I am very much enjoying this project because I've never actually tackled this type of imagery and it isn't the same ole' flowers and polka dots that i usually get commissioned to paint. This, my friends has presented me with a challenge and provided me an opportunity to apply my eduacation. I love that.

Yesterday, while I was putting the final touches on the antlers of the deer, I was accompanied by the homeowners' grand-daughter...sweet sweet child...a 4th grader. Her younger sister also paid me a visit.

There were a few things I took away from their visit:
1. We should transfer funds from the NASA program to a study on how to harness the energy of children and run vehicles on it.
2. I have an immense respect for parents who make an effort to preserve the innocence of their children.
3. The wonder of a child displayed in even the smallest event such as observation of an artist moves me because it is pure and is not concerned with obligation nor is it interrupted by other important things to do.
4. After being asked the question, "Do you like being older?" My stomach started to hurt and I realized that even though I love to play and sing and dance and imagine just like these kiddos, my literal childhood is just a memory and a bunch of photos. I'm a big girl now.

One more thing I will share:

Though I have not been an Obama supporter up until this point, I found it very encouraging today to witness the amount of support that he does have. As long as he is making decisions that are positive, I will do my best to pray for him as he leads our country and I will join with other Americans in supporting him. I think it is nice to see so many people excited about the things that are about to happen in our country.

Today's Pink Pearl of Wisdom:
Allow something wonderful to happen...every. single. day. I dare you.

*not sure where I found that picture but isn't it simply delicious?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Waiting for something exciting...

My life:

1. Bridesmaid dress shopping for my sis...this event alone has inspired to to skip the country when and if I tie the knot. Period.

2. Regular field trips. Yesterday? To the Jennie Stevens Smith Library in big NA. I have to find reasons to get dressed each day. Exploring places I rarely visit is kind of an adventure too...I suppose.

3. Work. Everyday. Always something in my path that needs to be prettied up. What's next? Who knows. Still playing catch-up. Probably will be until this summer sometime.

4. Christmas shopping. A little behind, right? I know.

5. Fixing my Tomtom. Basically, I am fixing to lash out at customer service for this device. I am approaching my 7th call to these guys...bright and early monday soon as the line becomes available. They are going to hate my by the time this is all over.

Ok. That's all. I'm done.

Today's pearl of Wisdom:
Second chances have the potential to result the same way as that of the first chance. Preparation is key.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Teacup Delight.

This is just a wild guess but I'm going to say that most of you have never wondered what the background of my laptop looks like. Well it is your lucky day.

The picture above is what I see each time I look at my screen...and it makes me a happy girl. Because I like to pretend I am her. Because I would love to be the one sitting in a beautiful fluffy dress in an empty beautiful room surrounded by teacups.

How Beautiful.

I imagine the room is probably chilly but she is perfectly satisfied because the sun rays are warming her shoulders. There is something pleasant and relaxing and serene about her. And one day, I will be her. Maybe not sitting sharing my time with teacups as she so gracefully does, but in my own pleasant and beautiful way, I will be her. Maybe sitting in my floor, surrounded by colored pencils or paint tubes. Whatever it is, it will be my teacups. And I will be her.

Today's Pearl of wisdom:
Find your teacups, surround yourself with them, and be happy.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

I think it is safe to say that this picture explains a whole lot. It is also an apology of sorts to all those out there who deserve one. Amen.

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
Don't be the the cheese.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ode to the Squirrel Squad

As you all know, I'm once again home. And Ingomar has characters. Lots of characters. Today, one of my best friends revealed herself to be a true one of the super human persuasion.

As we drove down the road, she said, " Hey yall, guess what I did today!?!" Of course, we said..."what?" At this time, she proceeded to explain to us in true superhero form how she had single-handedly chased a flying squirrel from her kitchen. She explained that she had a broom in one hand and a fly swatter in the other. She was also sporting yellow rubber gloves to prevent bites from this potentially rabid beast. Yes, one of my best friends is the leader of the newly formed Squirrel Squad. She openly admitted that she should have worn a collander on her head to make the event more perfect but I, for one, was perfectly satisfied with the picture she had painted of herself flaling her arms about chasing this animal while her weenie dog barked in support.

Stories such as this from friends such as her are what make my life not only bearable, but exciting. I don't know where I would be without my friends and I certainly don't know who I would be for they are a huge part of who I am. They are humor and love. They are consistent when nothing and no one else is. I love them and I thank my God for them each chance I get.

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
Those who think too much of themselves often think very little.

The picture says it all.

Even though I have direction, drive, motivation, support, inspiration, imagination, curiosity, creativity and education on my side, i'm still trying to decide how to apply it all. This journey thing that I am embarking on is slow. One day at a time. And I can't map it out like a spring break trip...I just have to let it happen. There are parts that are very out of my control and that scares good and bad ways. Wonder what's next...

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
Sometimes its okay to speak up and make your presence known. Other times, not so much. Learn to distinguish one from the other.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My talented Bloody Bones.

I feel rather unproductive today so I thought I would share with you all these two fabulous images I came across. Have no idea who to credit them to but I love them. Nice work.

Also, I have two websites I have fallen in love AND
Those two websites have offered to me some entertainment and refuge during this time of complete seclusion in my house.

Anything else exciting happen today? Yeah. It did. I got to watch my dog, bloody bones, sing along as my mom played the piano. He sat outside the living room window and howled along as she played "Be our Guest" from beauty and the beast. ABSOLUTELY hysterical.

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
Don't give up too soon. If we all did that, Britney wouldn't be making a a comeback. :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Avoiding "Just Because"

I don't know if any of you have ever just colored for hours on end, day after day for a couple of weeks. Most of you probably haven't. But I have. I. Have. That is all I do these days...trying to get that children's book illustrated. So, when you are just have a TON of time to think. In fact, that's about all I do. Color and think. This can be both productive and dangerous.

Having said that, I will share my latest revelation.

Growing up, there was always an order...high school, college, marriage, know..."the order" in which one would ideally have things fall-for the most part.
It occurred to me during my thinking time that I have reached the "marriage" phase of "the order."


1. I am no where NEAR ready for this. I have a lot of living to do...and by that, I mean that I have a career to jump start and places to go and people to meet, ya know? Do I really want to be the wifey that cooks and cleans and decorates and entertains just yet? Someday...but not today.

2. I refuse to settle for someone "just because" it is that time in "the order"...ya know? I know of so many people who settle down together because it is time to get married and I'm curious if it is love or convenience that drew them to marriage. I simply can't imagine being contracted for life to someone I don't love and being bound to them merely because I wanted to get out of my house and have someone to share the bills with. That is a miserable way to be, i believe. Oh gosh, I do not want to be that.

So that is the end of that meaningless chat.
Nothing else much happening aside from a little shopping I did today and a blood donation drawn by the new girl. Nice scars from that, I assure you.

Hope January is rocking your socks off!

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
Request the old nurse. She's had more practice.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Before Bedtime...

Can I have a self-affirmation night? Is that okay?

...because some nights, after having the life drained out of me by people and situations and circumstance, I need to remind myself that I am sufficient.

So that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna close my eyes tonight and shut doors that kill my spirit and enthusiasm. I'm gonna rest tonight in the comfort of knowing that what I have to offer is not useless, but instead, desired by someone. And i am going to wake up in the morning with a renewed sense of worth and an inspired, hungry curiosity.

... and I will place a petition with my Father to help open the eyes of those who have lost their vision and passion, or never had any from the start.

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
Think before you speak. Your words can be a loaded gun or a life jacket.

Friday, January 2, 2009

A tribute to 2008

Its that time again. Time to reflect on the previous. Time to express excitement about everything the new year has to offer. Because I am forever an obsessive list maker, I am going to present to you these thoughts in list form:

-I became obsessed with weight watchers. Remember that, girls? OBSESSED!
-I let go of two of my best friends so that they could be happy...with each other. That was a tough one.
-I went to the beach and ate at restaurants I didn't like with people I love.
-Mississippi Magazine hooked me up with a sweet internship.
-Moved out of a bedroom at a lame apartment complex (Twenty One) and into the dining room of my two best friends' apt. Fun times were had by all. No doubt.
-I painted a mural that took me an entire month. I didn't charge enough money.
-I was a singing brides maid...again.
-I moved into the best apartment I have ever had. It was perfect. PERFECT.
-I tailgated like a pro. Go Dawgs.
-I made lots of new friends.
-I spent time with lots of my old friends.
-I experienced heart burn for the first time.
-I survived my Senior Portfolio Review (and the final semseter of my college career. Almost killed me.)
-I graduated from Mississippi State University with a 4.0 of four. Thanks. I'm brilliant. I know (not really.)
-I totaled my Honda.
-I got a new ride.
-I discoverd what real stress is like in December.
-I attended the funeral of one of the dearest friend I ever had. Yet another tough one.

Reasons I look forward to 2009:
-I am starting my career.
-My sister is getting married
-I am going to be able to establish a schedule
-I will have time for myself...for once.

I've decided to pass on the new year's resolutions this year. My goal is to better myself. However I see fit. If that means losing 300 lbs, then I shall do it. If it means picking a butter cup for my mom at the beginning of spring, i will do it. I just want to be a better person and I am going to try in big and small ways to make that happen.

Instead of a single pearl of widom, I'm gonna throw out a few that really stand out to me from 2008 so brace yourself and have a fabulous 2009, okay?

Pearls of Wisdom from 2008:
1. Sweetened Condensed milk can be a sign of true love.
2. Never underestimate your own personal value.
3. Friends and vehicles are huge investments. Similarly they can be good or bad so choose wisely how you invest.
4. Heart burn and death are first cousins.
5. Ambiguous relationships are for the birds...or are they?
6. Occasional emotional breakdowns are okay. And sometimes necessary for survival.
7. Sometimes, your past makes its way into becoming your future. Crazy. Real.