Sunday, July 26, 2009

Should be napping, but I'm blogging instead...

Whoever drew this little illustration up...well...they captured my heart. And you should let them capture yours as well.

They got it right. They summed it all up right there. I think the word that holds the most importance in that phrase is the word "stop". If you never stop :: If you never take just a brief second to look around, It is inevitable that you will let the pretty amazing part of this life waltz right on past you and you will be left breathing in the exhaust that is left behind.

Happens to me all the time. But I think I will take my own advice sometime soon ...and stop. And make a point to be thankful.

In other news:

Life is taking some turns. Hmmmmm....lets see. What areas should I report to those of you who care about whats goin on?

Work :: Well the studio is lovely. MESSY but lovely. This Friday night, I will be having an open house as a part of a fun event going on here in town called Art After Dark. Come on by and see what I've got going on here...I'm going to put up some of my fine art work from college too so it is sure to be a good time. Come see me :)

Home :: Oh Geez, I'm ready to have this wedding. It is fun but it is also stressing me out. I am very much enjoying getting to do Lindy's Calligraphy on her wedding invitations though. LOVE. IT.

Social :: Yesterday was the conclusion of a summer-long adventure that was known as Broadway 5. I loved it while it was here and now it is over and time to move on to other adventures. I will say, though, that there is nothing quite like stage time. If you have passion for this performing thing, it will eat away at your soul until it is fulfilled. Yes. Exactly.

Men :: Um.... Well..... Stay Tuned... ;) Yep... Just gonna leave you hanging on this one. Mostly because everything in this category that I could write is totally up in the air. Waiting is the worst part, right?

Love :: God has been especially good to me lately. Not that He isn't always, but He has really been smiling down on me in the last week or two. Because He loves me. He knows my heart. He knows that my heart had been hurting and I think He wanted to remind me in a very real way that He is always a step ahead of me...preparing for me refreshing new adventures. Ya know what? God can fix stuff. What an amazing quality. He can fix stuff. God = Mr. Fix it. He has been doing a lot of work on me this summer. He is working on fixing me. He is fixing parts of me that have been completely broken down. He is restoring me to the best version of And I love Him more everyday for that...because He doesn't have to do it all. But he wants to. He is Love. Therefore I should be also.

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
If you come to a road block, re-route your GPS.

Monday, July 13, 2009

That's a tarp, not flashing blue lights...

Isn't the word "Dazzle" just a lovely exciting word!? "DAZZLE ME!!" I think I want to scream that to the world. Loudly. And I think the world is constantly screaming it right back at me, if the truth be known, all the time.

Hahahaha....ya know what? In some crazy twisted kinda way, I gonna reach out there and apply this to my love life as well, dang it. That's right fellas. You are gonna have to work for it. Dazzle me. I might give you a piece of my time. I'm not bending over backwards anymore.

I'm also gonna use this as an opportunity to invite you all to see "Broadway 5: Listen to the Music" at the Magnolia Civic Center on July 23, 24, and 25. Tickets are $10 and it will be quite an evening to behold, I PROMISE you this. You will be dazzled! (no jokes about the actual "bedazzler" are necessary at this point, thanks.)

Highlights of life these days:
-Blue Like Jazz. I'm reading again for the 3rd time. It always encourages my walk with Christ. I am giving it away after I finish it so i will be forced to find other encouragers. If you would like to be in the running to receive this precious gift, drop your name in the hat.

-I broke my dance shoe. It was tragically humorous but still broken at the end of the laughter. Crap.

-In the town of Memphrica, which holds one of the highest crime rates in the country, on last Friday night...the cops who should be out busting drug deals and locking up prostitues...well...they were instead choosing to chase me...and give me a ticket...because OBVIOUSLY I was the worst thing they could find happening on the sketch end of Lamar Ave. Yeah. White girl got a ticket for going 50 in a 40. I was profiled and if you want me to be completely transparent about the situation, I'm pissed.

-Today, I will begin a task that I am actually kinda pumped about! I will be starting the Calligraphy on my sister's wedding invitations!! WOO HOO! I have been pleasantly surprised at how well this art has come to me and will be offering it to the general public soon. Spread the word.

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
Stand your ground but when you are driving on it, don't speed lest the hounds be unleashed upon thee.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Attempt at defeating the Monday blues...

Begin Anywhere. Wow. Endless possibilities, right? This grabbed my attention in two completely different ways today.

1. It is Monday. *sigh* and if that isn't is rain-ish outside and there is nothing, let me assure you, that is less inspiring in this entire universe than a dreary wet grey Monday morning. The silver lining is that with the piles of creative opportunities stacked in my lap waiting to be tended to this week, I can....begin anywhere. I had an absolutely refreshing weekend. I spent time with some of my favorite people swimming and getting sun scorched....shooting roman candles and twirling with sparklers dressed up in my red, white and blue....hauling my happy self to the Orpheum to witness what may have been one of the most visually inspiring events I have seen in a while....aka...WICKED...and eating some good ole Delta shrimp at B.B. King's on Beale. So despite what my eyes are having to take in this morning, my mind is still feasting on this weekend. So on this Monday morning, I'm gonna begin exactly how I please and make something lovely today.

2. I have always been a rule-follower. Done what's right...whatever. That has been me. And I don't plan to change that. Following that plan of action, I believe, has molded me into a relatively neat character...maybe not...i could be fooling myself. Anyway, I guess somewhere in the past week or two, I have been inspired to shake things up a little. Live, ya know? Not like...go crazy and break the law or anything. Calm down...I'm not off my rockers. More along the lines of doing some things for Leslie instead of always thinking about the other person...doing some things for me. And putting aside the worry that comes along when you constantly are considering what other people think about you and your decisions. Again...I'm not talking about wild crazy stuff here...just talking about doing a few selfish things....for me. This is one of the only times in my life when I will ever be able to get away with that. I have no one attached to me right kids...and so if I am going to be selfish, it should most definitely happen now. And in that, I suppose I can begin anywhere...

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
We are TAUGHT that sharing is good, but sometimes we LEARN that sharing is bad.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

July Two.

I wish I could say that I came up with that AMAZING concept and the visual for it as well...but I didn't. I just love the picture and adore the command that it states. I am a huge supporter of never cleaning your desk. I wish I could tell you how many times I have found little jewels lying in the depths of the junk atop my desk. Someone very wise gave some good advice in the above statement.

I'm gonna be heading out of town today and I'm pretty excited. I haven't had large amounts of peaceful drive time in a LONG long while. When I make it to where I'm going, I'll be helping out my big sis with her engagement pictures. So basically, today, my job is to be a sister. And I like that job.

Earlier this week, my job has been to be a painter. And let me tell you, there were moments during my painterly week that I would just catch myself in a state of complete satisfaction and hovering on the edge of bliss....just because I loved making brush strokes and transforming ugly into beautiful.

Life is returning to normal if such a thing exists. I'm finding routine and peace. It is easy around here to lose sight of beauty, particularly in the little must make a conscious effort to find it. But praise Jesus, it is there hiding all over the place. Summer is alive and well and so the beauty I'm finding these days comes in the form of the watermelon juice and seeds left floating at the bottom after you have just over-consumed Mississippi's greatest summer treat and in a really bumpy and sometimes embarrassing ride in a bright orange convertible VW.

Folks, life is good. I'm smiling today. And I'm pretty sure I will smile tomorrow. Be safe this weekend. Shout-out to the troops. Thanks for doing what you do.

Today's pearl of wisdom:
Finish what you start.