Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Small Victories

The past week hasn't yielded much in the way of huge life-changing events. The small things have been nuggets of pure gold though. I have relished in accomplishing small but significant things lately.

1. Running for 20 minutes straight. 

I do realize that is not a huge feat for a lot of people. But in the journey toward getting back in shape, running without stopping to walk for any length of time is noteworthy. Especially when you are me. I was waiting for someone to pull over and offer to take me to the emergency room. 

2. Visiting a Laundromat

I have been blessed to always have access to a washer and dryer. I have also always been blessed to have a mom who would take my larger items (ex. large bed spreads) to the laundromat and wash them for me. Call me spoiled. I am thankful though. However, this week, I became an adult. I took things into my own hands and went. All by myself.  Thank GOD IN HEAVEN ABOVE for the kind ladies who took me under their little laundry-washing wings and helped me because I was about 5 minutes away from creating a sitcom-esque scene in the local Suds establishment.

3. Having my Shattered Cell Phone Screen Repaired

This was a victory in two ways...I fought my cheap tendancies and the motto "if it still works, don't worry about it." and replaced the thing. I ALSO was without my phone for a solid 2 hours and found myself very productive. Double Score.

4. Scheduling Days Off Work

For the proverbial work-a-holic, this is huge.

5. Bathing Trudie Gray

This is a Battle. The will of a dog v. the will of her owner. And mine was stronger today because I could not deal with the smell of something dead that she must have eaten. It was absolutely wretched. Ergo, we did the bath dance. I grabbed her up like a 50 lb sack of dog food. She did the spread eagle stance...all four legs perfectly straight and spread out at 45 degree angles. At one moment, she did the splits with her hind legs on the edge of the tub. I was laughing so hard at her fight tactics, I could barely focus on the task at hand. Eventually, she got bathed, I changed clothes, and all was well.

Every day will not produce timeline worthy events. At least not in my world. Somedays, I need complete re-dos. But when the day is done and I can look back and see victories...even tiny ones...I rest my head and say "I'll take it."

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
When a stinky dog or a giant confusing washing machine stares you down, stare right back. Give it the stink eye and don't back down.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Leaps of Faith

I am  well aware that it isn't even September yet. Maybe I'm rushing the season (that's what my mom tells me I do and have done since childhood. I tried to wear shorts to school in February. True Story.) Regardless, I am drinking pumpkin spice coffee right now with visions of tailgating treats dancing in my head. Fall has always been my favorite season because to me, it is full of color...and welcomes my Birthday, which happens to be my favorite day of the year. 

Over the weekend, I enjoyed a trip out of town to serve as a segue from summer to fall. It involved spending time on a lake with three other girls (Mighty Fine Delta Gamma sisters, at that) who I am quite certain could rule the world with their combined talents. Three days at the lake house, on the water and otherwise taught me a few things:

1. A good way to exfoliate a spray tan from your skin is to climb up a giant rock. Rinse by jumping fearlessly (okay...not fearlessly...I was terrified and said curse words...) back into the lake. Good things often are accompanied by a bit of fear.

2. I am talented at many things. Shuffling cards is not one of them. 

3. My business trips are really just vacations. Good things and ideas happen when I forget about trying to make good things and ideas happen. 

4. There are few problems in this world that cream cheese smothered in some jellied something (candied jalapeƱos in this case), a glass of sangria and a little girl talk can't fix. 

5. I'm still young. I still have energy and life. I'm not giving that up anytime soon. I don't have any plans to fizzle out. I intend for my friends to hold me accountable to my never-ending youth and not enable the part of me that wallows in the self-pity of aging. 

6.  There are still huge chapters of my life that I haven't started. I am excited about that. I like to wonder about what they will hold. I am glad that I have friends with which I will share those chapters. And moreover, I am thankful that God continues to provide adventures. I love how He continues to line up events in my life that help me discover more about myself and help me discover more about Him. Even if it is something simple like jumping off a rock, I am grateful that I am still inclined by His Grace, to take leaps of faith. 

I guess it is time to go make the world a prettier place, one painting at a time. Enjoy your Monday and remember to thank the One who gave it to you.  

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
Jump in and aim to make a giant splash when you do. 
Oh...and always use photoshop on swimsuit pictures ;)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Welcome Back

After months of tossing around re-entering the blogging community, I decided to make it a reality. 

Re-entering. Yes. 

If you have looked around even a little bit, you noticed this isn't my first blog on this page. A few years ago, I used this as an outlet while I was trying to figure out "what in the world" I was suppose to be doing. I thought perhaps I needed to start a completely separate new blog to focus solely on business but my life and my job are tied so closely together that I decided just to continue forward here and carry on with what I started so long ago. 

This excites me. 

You can read back into where I've been. That's a little scary. But you'll learn some things. I did when I read back over many entries today. I remembered good days and bad ones. And ones where I was filled with insight and wonder that I don't even remember.

I'm not a formally trained writer. So please expect the continuation of this journey to be raw and transparent (and full of misspelled words.) I am an artist. So also expect color and life.  I have goals for this endeavor. I hope to post more work, more plans, more lessons learned here. And I hope you find yourself walking with me, laughing with me, crying with me, and growing with me along the way. 

I am dreaming a little bigger these day. And this blog is a huge part of that. 

Dream with me. 

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
Don't quit what you start.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Keys, please.

Have you ever been stuck in the position where you had to unlock something...a car, a door, a storage unit...something? Most people have. You dig out your keys and commence to unlock...If you are one of the lucky ones, you know exactly which key will fit the lock. No struggle, no fighting-just a clean easy fit. Sometimes though, it happens that we don't know which key to use...we have to test a few on the key chair to find the winner. And I have even been standing there before in this situation: I have tried all the keys, desperately attempting to fit all of them in the lock but none work...and then I try them all again and I find that one I thought didn't work was actually the right one all along, I just wasn't patient enough with it the on my first attempt with it.

C. S. Lewis made a beautiful analogy with a lock and a key in his broadcast of war-time talks about Christianity and our daily lives. This particular analogy was in reference to love and marriage. He pointed out that though a key and a lock are two different pieces, they are designed to work together as one collective item. Similarly, we as men and women are to do the same. Though we are two separate beings, we were designed by our creator to work together-jointly as one upon the unity of marriage.

Well, y'all know I'm not there yet. Not standing on the altar yet waiting to say "I do" but it is frequently on my mind. If not for the sheer volume of showers, bachelorette parties and weddings I have to attend, Perhaps because I am approaching the day when I too will actually be ready. So this idea of the lock and key has been on my mind an awful lot lately. I'm in that "trying to find the right fit" stage.

I can tell you right now that I was not blessed to be one of those who found the key that fit perfectly with no other attempts. I say that with no regrets. I have concluded that all these "attempts" if you want to call them that for lack of better term, have directed me closer to the right key.

I will say, though, that today, I am standing here with quite a predicament. I have tried all the keys. Maybe there is one hiding under the flower pot that I don't know about. Or maybe...just maybe...there is a key that I just wasn't quite patient enough with...the perfect key that I gave up on just a little too quickly. Ya know? At a certain point, if a key don't fit, you can't make it...but sometimes, it is possible to overlook that key's perfect fit...that no other key has...all because we are in a hurry to find the right one.

I haven't decided if I should look under the flower pot for a spare key. I really think the right key is there in front of me. Its just my fault that it hasn't worked in the lock yet. I wish I could tell you today how this ends...but I can't. I am just as confused as you are at this point in the story...I guess this will have to be concluded later.

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
There is only one perfect key for every lock.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


The truth in that statement is almost frightening. And it has been twirling around inside my head a whole lot here lately.


I'm not displeased in any way with where I am right now. But I know that I want more out of life.

Two things I want out of life:
1. Live Comfortably. I know too many people who face financial struggles often. I'd like to be in a position where that is not a constant worry in my life.
2. Have the means and opportunities to help others. I think that helping others is one of the best ways to demonstrate Christ's love to those who don't know of it.

I know that in order to be successful with #2, being successful with #1 would help a whole lot.

Now that I have settled myself to these ideas, I am currently trying to decide what is the best way to get where I want to be. Art will always be a part of me...and a part of the plan in some capacity. But perhaps not the main avenue that I travel as it has been for the past two years.

I dunno. We'll see. I'm setting goals. Looking at the big picture.

I'm making plans.

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
Don't learn the hard way...coming from someone who always does.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'm in a very pastel yellow mood these days. Butter Cream Yellow. It suits me.

I think that color has lots to offer. It is very flexible. It works with bold or pastel...color or neutral, ya know? My honey bun got me a mixer for Christmas...I opted for the yellow. I realize that it is not red...not "trendy or bold" and I take into account that it is not black or, not a neutral that will match anything. But I heart it. And every time I see that bright butter color outfitting my retro-ish mixer, I giggle a little. Because it is classic.

And y'all, Classic goes with anything.

Other important items that fall under that category: (because I am in a list making mood)

+A real set of pearls. Good golly. EVERY girl needs 'em. When in doubt, put on a pearl.

+Black Heels. Some shoes may spike question. A good pair of black heels never will. Dependable.

+Blue Willow Dishes. Been in my family for years. If you are truly southern, you have eaten off of blue willow dishes, at the very LEAST.

+McDonald's. Okay, okay. But seriously. When in doubt, McDonald's. They have been around the longest. That speaks to me.

Hope your week will be brightened by something that dons the sweet shade of light yellow :)

Today's Pearl of Wisdom: It doesn't have to just needs to go.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Procrastinating...

"You're so talented."

I hear that often. And I know it is always meant with good intent. As a compliment, if you will.

However, there are days when that phrase hits me like a jack hammer between my eyebrows.

Because being "talented" falls as both a blessing and a curse. It can bring sunshine to your life and plague it at the same time.

No rest for the weary...

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
Be selective when exposing your talents.