Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Small Victories

The past week hasn't yielded much in the way of huge life-changing events. The small things have been nuggets of pure gold though. I have relished in accomplishing small but significant things lately.

1. Running for 20 minutes straight. 

I do realize that is not a huge feat for a lot of people. But in the journey toward getting back in shape, running without stopping to walk for any length of time is noteworthy. Especially when you are me. I was waiting for someone to pull over and offer to take me to the emergency room. 

2. Visiting a Laundromat

I have been blessed to always have access to a washer and dryer. I have also always been blessed to have a mom who would take my larger items (ex. large bed spreads) to the laundromat and wash them for me. Call me spoiled. I am thankful though. However, this week, I became an adult. I took things into my own hands and went. All by myself.  Thank GOD IN HEAVEN ABOVE for the kind ladies who took me under their little laundry-washing wings and helped me because I was about 5 minutes away from creating a sitcom-esque scene in the local Suds establishment.

3. Having my Shattered Cell Phone Screen Repaired

This was a victory in two ways...I fought my cheap tendancies and the motto "if it still works, don't worry about it." and replaced the thing. I ALSO was without my phone for a solid 2 hours and found myself very productive. Double Score.

4. Scheduling Days Off Work

For the proverbial work-a-holic, this is huge.

5. Bathing Trudie Gray

This is a Battle. The will of a dog v. the will of her owner. And mine was stronger today because I could not deal with the smell of something dead that she must have eaten. It was absolutely wretched. Ergo, we did the bath dance. I grabbed her up like a 50 lb sack of dog food. She did the spread eagle stance...all four legs perfectly straight and spread out at 45 degree angles. At one moment, she did the splits with her hind legs on the edge of the tub. I was laughing so hard at her fight tactics, I could barely focus on the task at hand. Eventually, she got bathed, I changed clothes, and all was well.

Every day will not produce timeline worthy events. At least not in my world. Somedays, I need complete re-dos. But when the day is done and I can look back and see victories...even tiny ones...I rest my head and say "I'll take it."

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
When a stinky dog or a giant confusing washing machine stares you down, stare right back. Give it the stink eye and don't back down.

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  1. The bath scene had me laughing. Jack and I have similar episodes when he needs a bath, which rarely happens cause I'm lazy like that. Love these small victories!