Thursday, August 27, 2009

Down to the Brass Tacks...

*disclaimer...there will be no capital letters involved in today's blog. my left shift key is broken and i don't like using the right shift key. so in my blog, i choose to use no capitals for the day. for all of you grammatical nazis, come and get me.

today, i am on a war path, and i feel certain that i will stay on it for a while to come.

here's the deal. i do not know exactly what i am yet. however, i do know that i am not a retailer. i also know that i am not free labor. i know that i am a young college graduate trying to make a living. i know that i live with my parents and i don't want to do that forever. therefore, i want to make it known publicly that i am now charging for my services. i am not cheap or free. if you want my talents and my time, i will be paid for it. i do not care if you are a non-profit organization. i do not care if you are my daddy's best friend. i require payment. i will consider bartering if the offer is good enough. but payment nonetheless.

i have done this to myself. i have no idea how much i am worth and i have no idea how to say no to people or to believe in myself and my work enough to charge what i deserve. but last night and this morning...there have been a few 'come to Jesus' meetings and quite frankly, i'm finished allowing people to take advantage of me. i am taking a lesson from the best business man i know. from now on, i will be brutal. i am growing a tough skin. i may hurt some feelings but i'm indifferent about that at this point. it is unfair to myself to continue on the path that i have been on. i'm exhausted and worn with nothing to show for it.

today's pearl of wisdom;
if you let them run over you and run you down, they will.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Life is good.

WORDS TO LIVE BY!! I just personally wish that more people understood and completely accepted that. SO many people around me say that and then they try to be far too involved in the workings of the universe. Quite frankly, I just roll along being who I am, allowing the Good Lord to act as He shall. (Don't confuse this idea with a lack of motivation.) When opportunities arise, I grab them. When they don't, I appreciate said down time. I do not force myself into situations where there is no room or desire for me to be there. However, I also do not pass up good things if they come along due to fear or uncertainty. A little of both of those things are what keep life exciting right?

I watched the meteor shower the other night. There was something fearful and uncertain about that...Maybe it was the fact that I never knew when I was gonna see one or the realization that we are just teeny tiny specs of existence in this infinite universe. Or maybe it was the fact that I never knew when my dog was about to bust up in our party...But that fear and uncertainty didn't stop me from enjoying every morsel of goodness that night had to offer. It was meant to happen. Yeah.

Pink Pearl of Wisdom:
McDonald's WILL get your order wrong. Its true.

*that may not seem like wisdom but I promise it is something that I have learned over the course of quite a bit of time. Take it for what it is worth.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here, for you, is a delicious little snack...The meal is yet to come. This week (and last) I have been putting the finishing touches on a children's book I have been working on for WAY too long. It is time to get it out of my hands and I am so ready to see it come to completion! I'd like to encourage all of you to consider purchasing one to help the cause :D I will not beg, but it is really a that you will want to have for your kids...and grandkids...and puppies...maybe.

Enough about the book.

Busy season is upon me. I am overwhelmed with wonderful thing to do. Therefore, I will do them and will write to you all later, k?

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
"Break your neck to keep your chin up." -Copeland

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Friday night, whether alone or accompanied by friends, I will be going to Cooper Park in New Albany. I'm so excited. There is gonna be a Jazz Band and after dark they are gonna have a showing of Casablanca! I'm gonna take a quilt to spread on the grass and I think I'm gonna take a sketchbook too. That will make me happy. And I think that I am gonna sit back and people watch. OH! I'm getting giddy just thinking about it!

You should come...whoever you are....and if you see me, come say hello. I'll share my blanket with you and we will watch an old film together and enjoy life, yeah? I think so.

Today's Pearl of Wisdom:
Appreciate God's artistic choices. Like your hair color. Thank him for that. Even if its gray.